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Savile Row Society

Tyler Parker

"You finally scored that promotion at work, and our Style Wingman has given you a new outfit to match your superstar status. Now finish off that Don Draper look with a nice pomade for your hair. Pomades are a clever blend of wax and oil, meant to give your hair extra shine and texture. One of our favorites comes from FLY Barbershop, a brand rooted in classic Americana style.

FLY Barbershop was the brainchild of Hallie Alford and Ted Hoffman.  Hallie had been a career stylist/salon owner, and Ted was a finance guy from New York living in Texas.  Both were intrigued with the classic barbershop model, which had been missing in the Dallas market.  After some due diligence and tire kicking on a capital raise for a barbershop location, their gears shifted dramatically after a phone call.  They were reminded of a vintage Airstream that was owned by a friend and decided to create their vision out of that 1969 Ambassador Airstream over the next 8 months.  They settled on the name “FLY” through several vetting conversations and googling “Steve McQueen cool”.  

The build out of the Airstream was a home run in Dallas. After performing most of the construction needs themselves, Hallie and Ted opened the mobile FLY Barbershop in January of 2014. Within a few months, they were able to secure 5 permanent parking locations in and around the Dallas “Uptown” Neighborhood. It wasn’t long before they decided to introduce their own product line to the business.

The pair launched their men’s grooming line in June with the first product, aptly named FLY Pomade No.1.  Aside from the awesome packaging (which took months to create and implement) they believed the key to success was to nail the formulation and scent out the gate. Their pomade has a matte finish, is water soluble, and has added coconut oil and vitamin E that is gentle on your hair. Plus, the ladies love the sandalwood and vanilla scent that is masculine without being too overpowering.

Want to try it out for yourself? Feel free to purchase FLY’s pomade directly from our Looks page as part of Shop the Essentials, or ask your personal stylist to include this in your next outfit. Once you get your new tin of dapper, use your fingers to spread a small amount of the pomade to areas that need a little extra shaping or texture. And voila!…your co-workers will start to wonder “Is that Mike from Accounting, or Leonardo DiCaprio?”"

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The Manual

Tyler Parker

Fly Barbershop is always on the move. That’s because it’s housed in a vintage Airstream that roams the streets of Dallas, Texas. While on the outside it’s certainly unique, inside it looks like a cooler-than-average barbershop with mosaic tiled walls, hardwood floors, and a trio of old-timey chairs. Always on the move, Fly encourages anyone seeking an appointment to check out their Instagram feed @flybarbershop for current location details. To spiff up their customers’ newly shorn heads, co-founder Hallie Alford created a re-workable pomade ($18) she’s christened N°1, its aluminum casing recalls the vehicle in which it is was born.


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